Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Graffiti-bombed" motormhome has life as mobile art gallery

NEW YORK, N.Y. --'s ArtV is a 36 foot Class A motorhome retrofitted as a mobile, pop-up art gallery that is staking a claim on the future of displaying art. From New York's Chelsea neighborhood to Florida for North America's largest international art fair, ArtV is there--and making waves.

Every day the graffiti-bombed mobile gallery will shuttle anyone and everyone that hops onboard regardless of VIP status between the myriad of art fairs comprising the world's largest conglomeration of art for sale. While doing so, Welcome to COMPANY will provide collectors a welcome respite from the art orgy by hosting a gypsy-style mobile party with DJ music and free-flowing, complimentary "beverages."

"This is the coolest thing I've experienced in the art world in years. As an emerging artist, I have been wresting with how to make my art more accessible, really reach the public and not just the two percent jaded art snobs. This mobile art gallery literally takes the artwork to the streets. Totally dope," commented Dani Howard of Brooklyn during the city's recent art crawl.

Disrupting the traditional gallery system seems to be a hot trend, what with the proliferation of online art websites; but as one of the fastest growing companies, is easily the most ambitious. In addition to its mobile art gallery, this early stage company hosts a monthly meetup for new art enthusiasts called The Collector Series™ and they are producing a documentary series to discover emerging artists in each of NYC's boroughs, which will air on cable TV beginning in January for six weekly episodes.

"Art is life and if there is a way to make it more approachable to everyone without the attitude or economic intimidation, then I gurantee we will try it. It is way too much fun so why not?" claims Founder/Prexy CJ Follini.

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